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Robot machine failure analysis



Robot machine failure analysis

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Robot machine failure analysis
1 robot, side brush head?
Check whether the brush hair edge by death coil card or silk, timely liquidation can eliminate
2 in the robot and motor not turn?
Check whether the brush and rubber roller is hair silk or death, timely liquidation winding card can be lifted
3 robots will fall down from the stair edge?
The robot is touched bottom block dust induction head with dry cloth rub-up
4 robot spin around?
Should check whether garbage left wheel, can remove dead card
5 don't recharge batteries robot?
Check whether correctly, when the battery installation should hear "into the battery snickering" said in place or check the battery output port and machinery are inserted batteries or by other interface smudgy also remove items.
6 high temperature robot?
Let robot to stop working, after work. Cool batteries
7. The robotic cleaning effect, the dirt doesn't clean?
Check whether the dustbin has full and cleaning brush is rolled around, timely liquidation
8. The virtual wall doesn't work?
Check the battery installation or, in the correct position and the virtual wall is put, can solve open launch switch.
9 don't high rate of auto-recharging robot?
Check auto-recharging, whether by charging promptly return again, the death of virtual wall and automatic battery block put together, be segregated, check again for automatic battery block 2 ~ 3 meters in front should not obstacles
10 The robot in cleaning process down?
Check whether because of battery, which caused by machines with the charger into machine, machine should not idle, long-term use of, so as to ensure batteries. Check whether the right wheels fall due to the machine, switch machine is certainly some pits in check, the rough machine to smooth, using hand wheel, or click the machine can restart.

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